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Remember when we were kids and on Christmas Eve our parents would send us to bed early? We would stomp our feet up the stairs, impatient and angry that we couldn’t stay up and catch Santa putting gifts under our tinseled tree. Just like every other child in America, we kept our ears pressed to the door waiting and waiting. Waiting to hear a creak, a thump, a thud, or a jingle. And then…we detected footsteps, a faint jingle, and a slurp of milk coming from the living room. It was Santa! Mr. Santa Claus was at our house! The giddiness, the excitement, the anticipation of Christmas morning was almost too much for our little bodies to take.

Santa’s Pop-Up wants to bring back those joyous memories of Christmas as a child. We believe that the most near and dear holiday memories are not under the Christmas tree or in a stocking but rather fun, unique experiences that are shared with your family. Santa's Pop-Up is committed to hosting very special, one-of-a-kind family-friendly holiday events to make new memories this holiday season!

     All of our exclusive, festive events will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Scheduling for these 2021 holiday events starts in September 2021. Sign up below so you don't miss out on any of Santa's Pop-Up's important updates. We will let you know as soon as scheduling starts for our events so you can reserve your spot before it is too late.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make sure I secure a spot at one of Santa's Pop-Up's holiday events?

You will be able to sign up for our holiday events in September on this site. Please sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss important updates!

Who is invited to attend Santa's Pop-Up's holiday events?

Anyone is welcome to sign up for Santa's Pop-Up's holiday events. All our events are specifically geared towards families - so grab the kids and come enjoy some holiday fun!

What type of events is Santa's Pop-Up going to be hosting?

Santa's Pop-Up will be hosting family-friendly holiday events. Stay tuned for more information! Sign up for updates so you don't miss any exciting announcements!